Christmas Special with guests and the Newtons Nuggets Chart!

In this very festive extremely special editions of Newton's Nuggets, Paul and Jesse look at the crazy year gone by, not just because of the pandemic, but because the Newton's Nuggets show has really kicked off! We have some Christmas cheer from some this year's guests, as well as some interviews with Chris Dawes and Sam Pearce, who did shows earlier in the year. Don't worry, Jesse had the bleep machine out for Chris, it is Christmas! Jesse explains how the Tier system and lockdowns effects him... Finally we do the Newton's Nuggets chart, a look at the top vlog and podcasts from the series. To be a guest on nuggets, sign up here: Buy the MentalTheft book from here in the UK: Anywhere else in the world, go to Amazon as usual and search MentalTheft (one word). Thanks as usual to Jesse for making the magic happen: Check me out on: #newtonsnuggets
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