Fenton! Mental Health, Bullying and finding your purpose with Dom Fenton

Dom Fenton is truly inspirational. We weren't sure that a sports fanatic would be ideal for the Nuggets crew, as we are more familiar with sitting and eating! But the point of what Dom is doing is not just playing sports, it's about helping young people find somewhere that they can learn how to be themselves. Despite being a bubbly and upbeat person, this is occasionally an emotional Nugget, and one of the most important ones that we have done. Check out Dom Fenton at: http://www.dfsportsandevents.co.uk Thank you to our sponsors: https://family-wise.co.uk https://www.stepbysteplistening.com To be a guest on nuggets, sign up here: https://www.mentaltheft.co.uk/newtons-nuggets Buy the MentalTheft book from here in the UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/MentalTheft-Your-mind-weakest-link/dp/1838254102 Anywhere else in the world, go to Amazon as usual and search MentalTheft (one word). Thanks as usual to Jesse for making the magic happen: https://www.jlawrence-photography.co.uk Check me out on: https://www.mentaltheft.co.uk #newtonsnuggets
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