SEO and optimisation are not dirty words - Yellow Tuxedo

SEO and optimisation are not dirty words - Yellow Tuxedo

Emily Braithwaite is half of Yellow Tuxedo - an SEO and marketing company with a difference. Their style is to coach and train you so that you can add SEO and socials into your business in your own way. It's possible to be visible, its hard for small businesses, but if you do the right things it can be done. But its not about adding huge amounts of work, its about adjusting your workflow. 

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This isn't really a sponsor as they haven't paid for an advert, it is just a shout out to friends of the show Paul Spicer aka Middle Aged Gamer Guy and Brad Burton with their show Nerdcon! It's at the Arcade club in Bury, on 17th August 2022.

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