The Newton's Nuggets 100th Show!!!

The Newton's Nuggets 100th Show!!!

Well, what a journey Newton's Nuggets has been through! 100 shows - and we cannot thank you enough! We love that so many people are listening to the podcast, you are really making this worthwhile. Everything we do, we do for you! Also, a massive thanks to all of the guests that have given us their time over the last couple of years - without you being so generous, we would never have been able to make this old nuggets thing. 

Also, a massive thank you for the sponsors, who have not only kept the show going, but have helped to pay the bills! 

Finally, thank you to our wives and families that put up with all of our crap! 

Here's to this week's Nuggeteers, Tony Edwards, Simon Clements, Keith Blakemore-Noble and Steve Dimon. Further Nuggeteers for being our top 5 ever podcasts are Vicki O, Chartlotte Thornber, Guy, Rick Notley and Chris Dawes. 

In the show we talk about the amazing charity Stem 4:

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